Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dance flash @ the appeal: the sf hip hop dancefest

(this photo is not doctored! that's the south korean crew last for one posing with secretary of state hillary clinton.)

This week's Dance Flash: the San Francisco Hip Hop DanceFest.

An excerpt:

Does an audience need to know their popping from their locking? Definitely not. These shows are meant to expose people to lots of different types of hip hop dance in a friendly environment. About the audience, Rosales says these are "not your everyday dance hip hop watchers... I love doing the show for our company because it's our time to expose ourselves to a new audience and a new demographic, and I think it's great... because it's our chance to really hit the spotlight for a second, you know, and get recognized for something that we've been doing for so long."

And Micaya says, "[Hip hop] is definitely mainstream now. I had a lot of battles, so to speak, when I first started the festival just by using the word hip hop. When I first started, you can imagine, 11 years ago, the first thing that came to people's minds was, "Are there going to be guns?" and negativity, and I was just like, 'Oh my god! You've got to be kidding me! Just come once, and, for the rest of your life, your mind will be altered about what this image of, back in the day, that word used to put in people's minds,' because it's so far from the truth of what artists are doing in the genre."

For the entire preview, go here.

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